Body treatments Körperbehandlungen

Bring the body, spirit and soul into equilibrium

Under the motto “detoxify, firm up and relax”, you can enjoy beneficial body treatments in the “Magdalena wellness garden”. A place of peace, pleasing fragrances and a feeling of security.

Ear candle treatment - pure relaxation

Ear candle treatment - pure relaxation

This method comes from the ancient Indians, to clean the ear and to increase blood flow. Similarly, the pressure of the forehead and sinuses is reduced, therefore very effective for colds and headaches! You may also purchase ear candles directly from us for your own use.

30 minutes | € 40,- Ear candles for home treatment - 1 pack | € 12,-

Peelings & Packs


Already in ancient Egypt, oils were used, as well as salts and alabaster as a peeling agent for beauty care to aesthetically improve the skin surface. This way, the skin is cleansed and the pores opened. An ideal preparation for subsequent body wraps. After each scrub, you will receive a selection of rich and wonderful smelling body creams for aftercare.

Included in our offer:

  • seasalt oil peeling
  • aroma peeling
  • goats butter pack
  • night candle oil pack
  • aromatic oil pack Request
25 minutes for peelings | € 40,- 30 minutes for packs | € 35,-