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Dog Photography Sessions at the Hotel Magdalena

A dog photo session promises a great experience for four-legged friends and their owners!
A quick 'exploratory sniff' during a walk and discussion about the sort of pictures you require. The photo session normally begins outside where the dogs are in their element. Romping around and playing allows the photographer to quickly get to know your pet - resulting in natural images that show the character of your four-legged friend. Once the dog has let off steam, we continue with the quieter part - e.g. sleeping on the sofa or a portrait at sunset... Because of his many year's experience in animal photography and dealing with a wide range of animals, the photographer guarantees a stress-free photo session appropriate to your animal and loved one.

Information about Photography Sessions:

  • Dog photography sessions at the Hotel Magdalena
  • in the studio and outdoors
  • with their owners
  • tailored to your own personal requirements

You will receive professional photos (min. 8) in high resolution approx. 3 days after the photography session via a download link.
The number of photos (at least 8) depends on the individual session and your requirements (on average, about 15 images)

You can arrange an appointment directly with reception, or via email:

approx. 50min | € 130


Mon 14.05.2018 // Tue 15.05.2018
Mon 28.05.2018 // Tue 29.05.2018
Mon 11.06.2018 // Tue 12.06.2018
Mon 25.06.2018 // Tue 26.06.2018
Mon 09.07.2018 // Tue 10.07.2018
Mon 16.07.2018 // Tue 17.07.2018
Mon 30.07.2018 // Tue 31.07.2018
Mon 13.08.2018 // Tue 14.08.2018
Mon 27.08.2018 // Tue 28.08.2018
Mon 10.09.2018 // Tue 11.09.2018
Mon 24.09.2018 // Tue 25.09.2018
Mon 08.10.2018 // Tue 09.10.2018
Mon 22.10.2018 // Tue 23.10.2018

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