Coaching - Your pet as co-trainer

The WOOF Effect - Coaching by dogs

'Coaching by dogs' is a unique coaching method with the help of animals, that will help you change from being an animal trainer to entertainer - and also provide a lot of fun. Changes in behaviour can be verified straight away on the basis of feedback.

Experience the WOOF effect

Do you still bark or are you already communicating? · Do you wonder how you appear to fellow humans? · Why does what I say not resonate with my counterpart? · How can I set boundaries?

Find out how targetted communication works, and understand how you talk to yourself and what you think about yourself.
This effective type of cooperation with your dog has long-term learning effects - making this workshop with its WOOF Effect a very special experience with long-term gains. You can 'translate' this practical experience to your everyday professional and private life and have a chance to rethink and implement changes.

Dates & Info:

21/22 and 23 September 2018
11/12/13 and 14 October 2018
Start: 10.00 to 14.00 hrs

approx. 4 hrs | € 99

Registration and further information direct from Melanie Ebert:
Tel.: +49 (0) 160 937 377 40

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